Aviation English

TechTrans delivers a complete solution for pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft maintenance technicians who require training to meet the ICAO language requirements for licensing under the FAA, CASA and EASA/JAA.

TTI's Aviation English program features:

  • Qualified and experienced Aviation English instructors
  • Curricula designed by expert linguists using our ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality processes
  • Modular tracks of study that provide flexible and effective training for all levels of proficiency (from ICAO Level 0 through ICAO Level 6)
  • Placement and progress assessments
  • Maximum student-instructor contact hours in the class room
  • Multiple learning formats and advanced training techniques to enhance student learning capabilities
  • Supplementary instruction for students who do not attain the required level of English proficiency
  • Final English proficiency assessment to verify ICAO Level, prior to certification testing with International Aviation Authorities
  • English proficiency maintenance training for advanced English speakers (Post ICAO Level 4) in parallel with aviation training

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